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Our plan limits are based on "Active Member Count". An "Active Member" is a member of your loyalty program who has points. Members with a zero point balance are not counted toward the limits on your plan....Read More

Customers can redeem their points from the Spruli widget placed on your website. By default, we'll place a "Launcher" button in the bottom right corner of your website that will launch the widget. Customers will have the option to choose any rewards you've setup in Spruli that they have enough points to get. If they do not enough points for a reward, then they will be shown the number of points n...Read More

You can pause your loyalty program by clicking the "pause" button in the top right hand corner of the Spruli menu. Once your program is paused, no new members will be added, the launcher and widget on your site will be disabled and no new points will be accrued. You can re-enable your program at any time by clicking the "Enable" button on your Spruli dashboard....Read More

When you first setup your Spruli account, you'll be taken through the setup wizard. If you'd like to come back later and change any of the settings in the wizard, you can launch the wizard again from he top right corner of Spruli by clicking "Setup Wizard" ...Read More

If you decide you'd like to cancel your Spruli account, you can do so by logging into Shopify and navigating to the "Apps" section of your account. Next, find the Spruli app in the list of installed apps and click the trash can icon. When you uninstall the app, Shopify will send us a notification and your account will automatically be closed. Any subscription you have with Spruli will also b...Read More

If your login and register buttons on the widget aren't working, you probably don't have customer accounts enabled inside of Shopify.   To enable customer accounts, login to Shopify, and click "Settings", then go to "Checkout".   You'll see a section title "Customer Accounts". Make sure you have either "Accounts are optional" or "Accounts are required" selected, then click "Save". &...Read More

The launcher is the small button we place on your site that launches the rewards widget. If you'd like to disable this button and launch the widget by other means, you can do so by navigating to "Settings > Account Settings" inside of the Spruli app and selecting "Hidden" for "Launcher Position".   ...Read More

If you've decided not to use the launcher button we've placed on your site, you can disable it. Once its disabled, you'll need to setup one of two methods in order for members to access your loyalty program and redeem their points.   URL Method The URL method basically involved placing a query string parameter in the URL of any page of your website. With the query string parameter present,...Read More

You can add your logo to emails and the login screen of your widget by navigating to "Settings > Account Settings" inside your Spruli account. Once in account settings, you'll see an upload field where you can upload your logo.     Select your file and click "Save Settings". You will now see your logo on the settings page. If you'd like to remove your logo, you can click the "Re...Read More

If you've enabled (via the setup wizard) Spruli to award points for orders, but aren't seeing points being allocated to your customers, ensure the order has been marked as paid.   Spruli will only award points on orders that have been marked paid. Any orders pending payment will have points awarded for them as soon as the order status is updated to "paid" from within Shopify.   To au...Read More

Login Screen Once a customer clicks the launcher button, a modal is shown (all mobile-responsive) that prompts them to create an account or login. This uses the same registration and login as your normal site. The URL never changes from your site URL and they will never be directed elsewhere.     Point Balance and Options Once logged in, they are presented with the different ways th...Read More

Sometimes you may want to offer a product as a reward instead of a discount code. To offer a product as a reward, you just need to select "Product" as the reward type when setting up a new reward in your Spruli account.     After selecting the "Product" type, you'll be presented with a search box where you can search your product catalog and choose the product you'd like to use for ...Read More

Yes! When you install Spruli into your Shopify store, you'll automatically get a new menu item inside of Shopify POS called "Loyalty Rewards" - no need to set anything else up.   To use the app inside Shopify POS, you'll need to select a customer, then click "Loyalty Rewards" - this will bring up the customer's current point balance and all eligible rewards they can redeem the points for. ...Read More

If you'd like to embed a customer's point history into a page on your site, you just need to add a single line of HTML to any page where you'd like it to appear. We call this log the "Spruli Ledger". If the customer is not logged in, they will be promted to login, otherwise, they will see a list of all rewards and redemptions they've earned right on the page of your site.   Here's the code ...Read More

If you'd like to embed Spruli into a page instead of using the modal popup, you can add the following line of code to any page on your site where you'd like the widget to appear.   <div id='spruli_rewards_embed'></div>   When you embed the widget, customers will navigate to a page on your site to redeem rewards instead of having access via the launcher button. If you'd l...Read More

You may find that awarding points based on the amount spent on an order doesn't fit the model exactly for how you'd like to run your loyalty program. For instance, if you only wanted to award points for orders over $50 or wanted to prevent customers with a specific email domain or using a specific discount code from earning points, you would want to setup customer order rules. Order Rules can be ...Read More

If you're migrating from another loyalty program or just want to start all of your customers off with an initial point balance, you can email a CSV file to from the email address you sign into Shopify with.   The CSV file should have the customer's email address in one column and the point balance in another. Our team will ensure everything is formatted properly for impor...Read More

If you'd like to link to a certain section of the Spruli widget, the easiest way would be to use URL parameters.    To open Spruli automatically, we'll use ?launchLoyalty=1   To automatically load a specific section of the widget, we need to know the name of that section.   There are several options for sections to autoload:   Enter a birthday: /widget/birthday Re...Read More

We get this question a lot. Although some apps will allow you to award points for likes and shares on social media, this is largely prohibited among social networks. Facebook and Instagram especially do not condone this as it is considered incentivizing actions which the platforms themselves would like to maintain as organic.   This has been the case since 2014.   From facebook: "Yo...Read More

At this time we do not offer custom development as we are a small team and want to make sure we can dedicate our time to growing and supporting the Spruli app.   If you need something custom done to your website, however, we recommend StoreTasker.   StoreTasker can help with a variety of services and runs from within your Shopify account.   ...Read More