Your loyalty program, your way.

Mix-and-match features to perfectly fit your business.

Running your loyalty program should be easy & fun.

Get the tools and features you need to run a successful customer loyalty program. Easy-to-read graphs and charts help you measure your program's performance at a glance.

Invent your brand's currency.

Call your loyalty points anything you want! "Tokens", "Credits", "Gold" - anything! Get customers excited by naming your currency something relevant to your brand.

Award points for orders and events.

Give members points for each dollar they spend with you. You can also award points for birthdays, membership anniversaries and referrals!

Get your customers talking!

Award points for referrals when your customers share your website with friends in real life and on social media.

Customers trade in points for rewards.

Automatically create discount codes for percentages or fixed amounts, limit codes to minimum order amounts and setup rewards for free shipping!

3rd-Party App Integrations

Connect Spruli with other apps you use to reward customers for reviews, subscriptions and more!

Built for Shopify!

Spruli was built exclusively for Shopify. Rest assured - working smoothly with your platform of choice is our primary focus.

Developer? Check out our API.

Use Spruli's API to integrate your loyalty program with other software you use and automate your loyalty program.

The API is available on all paid plans.

API Documentation

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